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My name is Tayler Russell and welcome to Healthy Blueprint. 

My passion for food and overall health began when I was a little girl struggling to be the right size. I was a competitive cheerleader from the time I was 7 until I graduated high school, wearing crop top uniforms, and being chunky wasn't an option. I remember my second or third year cheering after I had started to lean out after a growth spurt, and my dad told me he had a hard time finding me on the floor because he used to find me by my belly (insert face palm here). Once I got into high school I really kicked up my obsession to be fit and look the part. My goal was to cheer in college and in order to do that, I needed to get very lean. I am no small girl (maybe just in stature) but I have a very muscular build. So when I auditioned at a weight of 135, that was the thinnest I have been since middle school, and yet the unhealthiest when it came to my mindset about food ad health. When I didn't make the team, I decided to coach CrossFit during college. I found a true love for not only CrossFit, but coaching, helping, and inspiring people to be e better version of themselves. As I continued to study, I knew there was more to health than just exercising, but at the true foundation was food and nutrition. What I learned about nutrition in college unfortunately didn't make sense and I wanted to further my self-education of nutrition, but with a proper foundation. I decided to get my Nutritional Therapy Consultant certification.  It was during this program I solidified the passion I have not only for food and properly fueling yourself, but what it truly takes to reach optimal health. 

I have struggled with food sensitivities, adrenal fatigue, eating disorders, and the puzzle pieces are finally coming together.

Whether you want to be able to play with your grandchildren, heal from digestive issues, fit into a bikini, or just feel better, we can help you here at Healthy Blueprint.  


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